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Based in the historic old Dromore station, we have lovely bright and airy rooms for children to enjoy a range of activities. There is a dedicated Baby & Wobbler Room for children between 0-24 months. At 24 months, children can move to the Toddler Room until the age of 3 where they begin their journey as a pre-schooler.

Within pre-school we have our Junior and Senior Playgroups (Government-Funded

We also have an After School club for children to enjoy arts and crafts following their day at school. Find our more about all our facilities below.

Baby & Wobbler Room

The baby room at The Old Station Nursery, Dromore with vibrant coloured toys, a black and white changing mat and a mirror


The Baby Room is split into three areas, a baby area, the wobbler room, and the messy room.

For non-mobile babies, we have a dedicated room that is calming yet stimulating and provides sensory areas to help stimulate brain development and encourage cognitive growth. 

For mobile babies, we have a fun learning environment for children aged 12 months – 2 years. This is where children will become more confident in exploring the resources and using the physical equipment provided. 

Our Messy Room is designed to be a space where children are naturally curious to investigate and explore. It is full of intriguing resources which they love to get involved in. We also have a great range of activities including painting, water tray fun and tuff tray activities!

We understand the importance of meeting developmental milestones from an early age and aim to achieve this through the use of natural and stimulating resources

The staff who work in the Baby Rooms are fantastic at creating opportunities for development. They are also incredibly loving and nurturing and give the babies all the attention they need.


The Toddler room offers a spacious and fun area for active 2 year olds. The room is designed in a way that encourages children to choose the areas they want to play in and have the opportunity to freely move from one activity to another. 

A small room is located within the Toddler room for those children who enjoy having a little quiet time to read a book or simply to have a rest throughout the day.

At this age it is important that children learn to express their own emotions and gain independence. We encourage children to start dressing themselves and at mealtimes we offer buffet snacks where the children can independently choose their food - all of course with adult support. 

Nap time for Toddlers is between 12 – 2pm each day in a calm and relaxing atmosphere where they are allocated their own bed and linen. Comforters are welcomed for sleep time.

Pre-School Rooms

Girl and boy at the water tray


We provide preschool day care for children between 3-5 years to help them prepare for school.

We have two playgroups within this age group.

Junior playgroup for pre-pre school children.

A Senior government-funded playgroup for pre-school children.

Both playgroups run in the morning only, but we offer wraparound care for those parents requiring full-time support.

The junior playgroup is for children aged 3-4 years and who will be attending funded pre-school the following year.


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum of activities. From arts and crafts, storytime, role-play, your child will develop the skills and confidence they need before starting pre-school. 


Children are encouraged to develop their independence, within a supportive environment. 


We also offer wraparound day care, in conjunction with the playgroup, for your child.


Junior Playgroup

  • 3-4 years
  • 09.15 - 12pm (term time only)
  • 2 days minimum attendance
Girls in senior playgroup with hard hat toys

Senior Playgroup

  • 3 - school age
  • 09.00 - 12pm (term time only)
  • Government-funded spaces available
The Old Station Nursery, Dromore, Junior playgroup girl interacting with staff member
Education Training Inspectorate Report for The Old Station Nursery, February 2018

Within our Senior Playgroup, we offer Government Funded Pre-School places. 

Established in 2004, our professionally trained pre-school team has an excellent understanding of how to support children in reaching their full potential whilst following the Northern Ireland Pre-school Curriculum set out by the Education Authority. 

The children are guided and helped by caring, enthusiastic, capable, and well-trained staff who understand the fundamental importance of learning through play. 

For many children, playgroup will be their first experience of a learning environment with other children and with an educator other than their parents.

The impression which your child forms at this stage will influence the way in which they respond to all future schooling and education.

It is therefore vitally important that your child is educated by a pre-school setting that is funded and inspected by the Education Authority.

Make sure to take this into account when considering pre-school options for your child. 

We will ensure that your child gets the individual care and attention they need to make this a happy and lasting first experience. 

To find out more, please get in touch with us.

Our Inspection Report

You can also read the General Inspection from The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) here. 

Wraparound Day Care

We also offer wraparound day care with the senior playgroup for your child.

Virtual Open Day

Our After-school Club caters for children aged 4 – 12 years and provides day care during non-term time.

A breakfast club is also available from 7.15am – 8.15am each morning before going to school.

A daily drop off and pick up service is available for a number of local schools in the surrounding area via fully insured nursery transport. 

After a long day at school, the children come in and complete their homework and have the opportunity to chill out in the book corner, get creative in the messy room, play imaginatively in role-play areas or have fun outdoors!

In the summer and non–term time we encourage the children to get involved in planning their own activities.

We do our best to incorporate these activities into the planners to ensure the children have the best time at the afterschool club. 


What Our Families are Saying

Credit must be given to the staff for encouraging her and helping her to become a confident girl. All aspects of her care is a credit to a great, dedicated team of staff who provide outstanding care to all the children.

I cannot recommend this nursery enough!

Staff are super friendly and communication is fantastic through the use of nursery Pal app. Our wee man has such a blast and the only problem is trying to get him home.

The Old Station have very high standards in their care. They are very approachable and my kids have enjoyed their time here. The curriculum is very well placed and I have watched my children gain many new skills and make new friends.

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